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Build Relationship Analytics Into Your App

Many applications and platforms, including CRM, marketing automation, social media management, and business intelligence can benefit by having access to richer analytics and history for the interactions among people.

With Cloze Relationship Analytics, you can integrate the ability to index, cleanse, analyze, and access vast quantities of communication history for your users.

How it Works

There are three primary components of Cloze Relationship Analytics, each of which are accessible and controllable via APIs: the interaction index, the correlation processor, and the analytics service.

Interaction Index

The interaction index serves as the primary hub for collecting relationship information, contacts, and communication history on behalf of the user. All content from email, social media and other third-party systems are ingested, standardized, organized, summarized, encrypted, sorted, and indexed by the interaction indexer. Via our APIs you can add your own records of interactions among people to the base of information to be analyzed.

The interaction index streams the cleansed interaction records and associated meta data to the correlation processor for further processing.

Correlation Processor

The correlation processor serves two roles. The first is to organize raw interactions (emails, posts, etc.) into related conversations. Conversations may span channels of communication, as it's relatively common for people to begin a conversation on one medium (e.g. email) and follow-up on another medium (e.g. instant messaging).

The second role is to figure out who unique individuals are across channels, and to enrich the details of these individuals. For example, if Alice emails Bob on his personal email, and Bob replies via his work email, and then they interact on Facebook, the correlation processor detects this and associates Bob with both email addresses and his facebook identity automatically. This information is fed back into the interaction index to update the per-unique-individual indices needed for various analytics. In parallel, the correlated interactions are streamed into the analytics service.

Analytics Service

The analytics service computes and updates relationship scores and other metrics and measures related to the user and each unique individual they have a relationship with. This utilizes Cloze’s proprietary analytics engine to process historical and new interactions. Every unique individual has a complete history of all communications available via the API, as well as having various pre-computed analytics, such as the Cloze Score available as well. The engine has been trained by analyzing billions of messages sent among hundreds of millions of contacts.

As relationships evolve, analytics for unique individuals can be updated in real time, with notifications generated on key events. Because information can arrive out-of-order, we complement streaming analytics with periodic reconciliation to compensate for out-of-order data and refine the analytical results.

The analytics service is designed to flexibly add new streaming and big data processing algorithms to address custom requirements you may have.

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