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Cloze is the no-work way to see everything about your contacts in one place.

Slack messages, files, email, meetings, phone calls, notes, follow-ups and more.

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Clozebot for Slack

Work from Slack, with all of Cloze available at your fingertips

Know what's going on outside Slack

See who on your team has talked with a client recently

Plan for follow-up outside of Slack

A conversation in Slack jogs your memory?

Set a reminder to follow up with the client or customer right from within Slack.

Forget forgetting

Whether you mention someone in a message, or refer to a project or deal in a file you shared on Slack, Cloze will find it and link it to their profile automatically.

With Cloze, files and notes are always at your fingertips whether you shared the last copy on Slack, in Dropbox, sent it via email, or somewhere else.

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I'm new to Cloze, how do I get started?
Tap on Try it Free, create your Cloze account, and we'll walk you through the steps needed to get started and connect Slack.
In addition to your Slack account, you'll also be asked to connect at least one email account to Cloze.
How do I use Clozebot?
In Slack just type @cloze help!!! (feel free to use as many exclamation marks as you think you need) and Clozebot will tell you all the things it understands how to do. Clozebot is always learning new tricks, so this list will change over time.
Clozebot also has a few hidden talents, but we're not telling.
Where do I find Slack files in Cloze?
When you go to the files section for any person, company, deal or project Cloze looks for files in your Slack account that are related and shows them in the Cloze profile view.
Cloze finds the related files by searching for references to the person, company, project, or deal's name in the files you have access to in Slack. Any file that contains a reference will show up in the files section.
What does Cloze do with my Slack messages and files?
Your messages and files are for your eyes only. We don't share them with anyone unless you explicitly choose to do so (for example, you could pick a file from Slack and attach it to an email you send from Cloze).
Any messages or files that Cloze stores are encrypted (even our team can't read them). And, of course, they are private to your Cloze user account. If you're concerned about access, you should consider turning on two factor authentication in Cloze.
Can I remove any information Cloze has about my Slack account?
Of course. When you disconnect your Slack account from Cloze in the Cloze "Connected Accounts" settings page, you can remove all the messages and files Cloze has captured from Slack.
I already use Cloze, how do I add Slack?
Tap here to go right to the screen to add Slack.
Or, go to your Cloze account, Tap on More > Settings > Connected Accounts then choose Add
How do I use Slack in Cloze?
Cloze organizes all your communication around your contacts, companies, deals and projects. If there are messages or files in Slack that are relevant, Cloze finds them and includes them in the profile - so you have one place to see all communication, files, and to dos across all communication channels - Slack, email, phone, and more.
Where do I find Slack messages in Cloze?
When you go to the timeline for any person, company, deal or project Cloze looks for messages in your Slack account that are related and shows them in the timeline.
Cloze matches messages to people, companies, deals, and projects in a few different ways:

  • By searching for references to the person, company, project, or deal's name in your messages.
  • By finding channels and groups whose name matches the company, project, or deal name (all messages in the channel or group show up in Cloze)
  • By finding direct message channels related to a specific person (either by email address, name, or slack ID)
Why does Cloze ask for so many permissions?
Think of Cloze like an index of your Slack messages and files - an index organized not by channel, but by person, company, deal, and project.
So - to link your messages and files to people, companies, deals and projects - we need to find them whereever they are in Slack: In public channels, groups (private channels), direct message channels, or files. To be able to do this, we need access to all these places.
Does my information stay private?
Absolutely. Cloze follows the Slack privacy rules - anything private stays private. If you're using Cloze to share information with your team, other team members will only see messages from channels that they have access to.
To find our more check out our Privacy Policy or read the Security Summary on our homepage.