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¹ User Archiving requires a Business Platinum team subscription. All current users' archives are included in your subscription. Your Business Platinum team subscription also includes 5 free past team member archives. Additional past team member archives cost $5/archive/mo or $50/archive/yr. Archives can be deleted at any time.
Concierge Service
Personalized training and support to keep your business growing
$500/mo minimum, add on to any plan
Priority Email Support
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Integration Assistance
Personalized Configuration
Proactive Account Review
2 Team Training Sessions/mo
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Cloze Pro
Smart AI
Automatic reminders and discovery
  • Understands action items and adds them to your Agenda (e.g. "Please review and get back to me by Friday.")
  • Automatically reminds you when it's time to reach out to key people.
  • Sees change to email signatures to update contacts.
  • Automatically links agenda items to mentioned people and companies.
  • Reminds you if an email you'd normally reply to is missed.
One View of Everything
Email, meetings, calls - with no data entry
  • Emails: Automatically organizes mail by people, company, project and deal.
  • Calls: Automatically log your calls.
  • Files: Automatically link files to your contacts.
  • Notes: Automatically match notes to contacts.
  • Messages: Track Slack messages about your clients and customers.
  • Calendar: Meeting context at your fingertips.
Business-Grade Email
Open tracking, mail merge, templates
  • Get reminded if you don't receive a reply to an important email.
  • Be notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link you sent.
  • Templates: Create and reuse template emails. Share them across your team.
  • Mail merge: Personalize email sent to many people at the same time.
  • Scheduled send: Write your email now, have Cloze deliver it later.
  • Built-in support for Do Not Contact and the GDPR.
CRM Without Data Entry
Automatic activity tracking and analytics
  • Next steps: Automatic reminders of what's next for any deal.
  • Add To-Dos to track things you have to get done.
  • Agenda: one place to see all your meetings, reminders and follow-ups.
  • Analytics: Analytics about how and where you spend your time.
Unified Contact Management
Merged and automatically updated
  • Brings all your contacts into one place.
  • Automatically keeps contacts up-to-date.
  • Creates company records for you.
  • Unlimited contacts and emails.
  • Create and use up to 10 custom segments, 25 custom fields, 100 custom templates.
Business Silver
Includes everything in Cloze Pro and ...
Work as a Team
Team-wide view of activity
  • One team-wide view of all communication for every contact and project.
  • Always know who last talked to any customer or prospect.
  • Share templates and next steps that work across your team.
  • For colleagues you trust the most, Inner Circle lets you automatically share your timeline for all non-personal contacts.
Assign Responsibility
People, companies, projects, to-dos
  • Assign responsibility for people and companies.
  • Create project teams to work together on projects.
  • Assign next steps on projects within the project teams.
  • Assign to-dos to team mates and track their progress.
Manage Privacy
Personal stays private, work gets shared
  • If you mark a contact Private your team will not see your contact details or activity for them.
  • Any Home email address or phone number is assumed to be private unless you explicitly share it.
  • Any contact set to a Personal Segment such as Friend or Family is always private.
  • Before any activity is shared with your team, you always have time to mark sensitive messages private.
  • Mark certain types as always redacted (for example text messages) so no one can ever see the content.
Business Gold
Includes everything in Business Silver and ...
Smart Custom Fields
With anniversary and relationship tracking
  • Automatic reminders on business anniversaries (e.g. for policy renewal).
  • Create templates for quick follow-up on business anniversaries.
  • Track relationships among people (e.g. who they were referred by).
Advanced Integrations
Text Messages, MailChimp, Salesforce, and more
  • Direct integrations with MailChimp and more.
  • Sidebar integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics, Hubspot, and more.
Text Message Syncing
Automatically log text messages
  • Syncing of iOS text messages to cloze.
  • Syncing of Android text messages to cloze.
  • Text message templates for sending.
Track Partners
Partner with others on projects
  • Track partners that are involved with multiple projects separate from customers.
  • Invite external partners to share information on a project-by-project basis.
Team Analytics
Pipeline, forecast, engagement, leads
  • Activity Analytics help you understand where your team are spending their time.
  • Team Leaderboard helps you know which team members are pulling their weight.
  • Pipeline Engagement gives you an objective view of your pipeline and identifies the projects that are truly on track.
  • Forecast Analytics shows how your forecast is changing over time and what’s flowing in the right direction.
  • Lead Analytics highlight leads that are advancing and those that are going stale.
Enhanced Control
Higher limits, more control
  • Balance your team's workload using drag-and-drop reassignment.
  • Customize what team members are able to see and change.
  • Create and use up to 20 custom segments, 50 custom fields, 500 custom templates across your team as well as up to 10 personal segments per team member.
Business Platinum
Includes everything in Business Gold and ...
Matching Engine
Matches clients to listings, jobs, etc.
  • Find clients that match criteria for listings and jobs
  • Find listings and jobs that match criteria for clients.
  • Turn project summaries into emails automatically.
  • Create mail-merge emails containing projects to send to matching customers.
  • Support for integration of MLS and IDX feeds (additional restrictions and charges may apply).
Smart Templates
Conditional content and smart fields
  • Use your custom fields in email content.
  • Create templates that work in multiple languages.
  • Include different text based on recipient country.
  • Use recipient's date and number formatting for values.
  • Create templates that adjust based on related projects or recipients.
  • Include different text for any recipients with mail merge.
  • Add spouses and other related people to mail merge recipients.
Lead Capture
Automatically create leads from emails
  • Turns leads received by emails into contacts automatically.
  • Notifies you of the arrival of a new lead.
  • Enhance contacts with information from the lead email.
Campaign Automation
Create smart drip campaigns
  • Automate multi-channel drip campaigns.
  • Send emails and texts, create todos, assign to others, and more.
  • Stop campaigns when a client replies or books a meeting.
  • Automatically pause the campaign when you're actively talking.
Marketing Mail
Create pixel-perfect emails with drag and drop
  • Pixel-perfect designs that work on mobile and desktop.
  • Send from your real email for a personal feel and great open rates.
  • Drag and drop editor to make creation easy.
  • Share a theme across all your designs.
  • Lock parts of designs to manage team customization.
Automatic Newsletters
Create complete newsletters in less than 1 minute
  • Use AI to create ready-to-send newsletters with images, articles, and copy in less than a minute.
  • Add hand-picked articles to your library with a single tap.
  • Check off articles from your library to include in your newsletter.
  • Send the newsletter with mail merge or an automated camapaign.
Generative AI
Automatically create, edit, and improve content
  • Create detailed real estate listing descriptions from only a few basic facts.
  • Ghostwriter to create replies, new emails, and templates for you.
  • Smart Edit to correct, improve, or change the tone of any written text.
  • Integrates ChatGPT to create new and unique content.
Lead Routing
Distribute leads across your team
  • Round robin lead routing.
  • First-come first-served lead distribution (a.k.a. lead ponds).
  • Support for territories and geographical distribution.
  • Instant push notification to team member's phones.
  • Single tap to accept a lead.
  • Send texts or emails while waiting for a team member to take action.
  • Fallback if no one is available within a set timeframe.
Sub-Team Hierarchies
Structure by territory, region, or role
  • Organize your team by territory, region, or role hierarchy.
  • Control who can see what by where they are in the hierarchy.
  • Allow senior managers to see and control everything below them.
  • Roll up Team Analytics at any level.
  • Selectively control visibility to fields and values.
User Archiving
Preserve historical business activity
  • Preserve business activity history when users leave your team or disconnect their accounts.
  • Protect against malicious removal of business activity history.
  • Retain business activity of guests involved in specific projects.
  • Easily manage which history to retain and which you no longer need.
  • See all shared activity for any team member in one view.
  • Available with team billing. Extra charges may apply.
Enterprise Controls
Fine grained control and compliance
  • Multiple customizable roles for team members rights.
  • Manage team member accounts (lock, unlock, delete, etc.).
  • Enforce security policies such as 2-step authentication.
  • Protect your data by controlling who can export what data.
  • Control who can customize business configuration and compliance settings.
  • Lock down sharing and privacy settings.
  • Enterprise single sign-on support.
  • Specify which users are required to pay for their own Cloze subscription and which the team pays for.
  • Create and use up to 100 custom segments, 250 custom fields, and 2500 custom templates across your team as well as up to 10 personal segments per team member.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. Your subscription will automatically renew, but if you ever decide that Cloze Pro or Business isn’t for you, simply cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current period and, once your current billing cycle completes, you will be automatically moved to the free plan.

You can manage your subscription in Settings after purchase.
Do I need to pay for everyone on my team to use Cloze Business?
No. If some of your team members have their own Cloze Business subscription they can use all of the Cloze Business features as a member of your team.
Do I need to enter my credit card to try it?
No. You can sign up and use Cloze Pro or Business for 14 days without entering credit card details. We will notify you before your trial expires. At the end of your trial, you have the choice of whether to subscribe and retain the benefits of Cloze Pro or Business, or be automatically downgraded to the free plan.
How do I pay for a subscription?
When subscribing from the Cloze iOS app your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. When subscribing from the web, you can enter your credit card details to subscribe using any of your credit cards.
If I don't subscribe, what happens?
After your trial ends, you'll be downgraded to the Cloze free plan. The Cloze free plan includes contact management and email inbox. You can continue to use Cloze on the free plan for as long as you'd like.