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Cloze Pro
Includes everything in Cloze Free and ...
Unlimited number of contacts. Connect unlimited number of email accounts.

All your notes, linked into your contacts' history. There’s no manual tagging of notes or changes to the way you use Evernote. Cloze analyzes the content of all your notes to find out what people and companies a note refers to, so it can automatically link the note to the right contact.

With Evernote Premium and Evernote Business, if you take a picture Cloze finds references to contacts within the contents of the picture, so it can automatically link the picture to the right contact.

You can also:

  • Log meeting and call notes in Evernote from Cloze
  • Save emails and attachments to Evernote
  • Scan business cards with Evernote Premium or Evernote Business and they are automatically added to Cloze
  • Create a new note from Cloze

Call History

Cloze automatically shows the calls you make and receive in your contact history, so you know every call you've made to anyone.

Because Cloze talks directly to your mobile phone carrier, not to your phone, you can use Cloze on your tablet or desktop, and still get your calls logged automatically.

Cloze currently supports AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, RingCentral - with more carriers coming soon.

Open Tracking

Cloze can alert you when a recipient opens an email you sent, or clicks on a link in the email. Cloze also can tell you whether they opened it on a desktop or mobile and where they were when they opened it.


Set reminders to follow-up on important messages you send or receive so you never miss a follow up again.

Reminders can be set to always alert you, or only alert you if no one responds.

Keep In Touch

Cloze can automatically remind you when to reach out to key people.

There are 3 types of keep in touch reminders:

  • Automatic. Cloze will automatically surface people you haven't talked to recently that might still be important to keep in touch with.
  • Recurring. Cloze reminds you if you haven't talked to a customer or prospect recently.
  • Planned. You can schedule a reminder for any contact right from their profile.
Signature Analysis
Cloze analyzes email signatures in mail you receive and lets you know when the sender's contact information has changed, so you can always have the latest contact details for them.
Agenda View
One place to see all your meetings, reminders, follow-ups, and alerts.

For every meeting on your agenda, Cloze creates a briefing document about the attendees.

Cloze shows you every email and document you've exchanged with attendees, notes about them, upcoming meetings and action items, as well as what they are saying on social media.

Cloze highlights recent changes to the attendee list or attendee status so you don't miss when key people back out or get added to your meeting.

Cloze currently supports Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo - with more types of calendars coming soon.

Company Profiles

See your complete history with a company without any setup. Cloze automatically builds company profiles for your contacts' companies, so you can look at your overall relationship with a company.

Projects and Deals

Automatically keep track of all the activities, notes, and follow-ups for your projects, deals, and other deliverables in one place. Sort and group your projects and deals by stage, deal value, end date, next steps, and more.

Next Steps

Add Next Steps to help you keep track of what you've done and what you have left to do. Think of Next Steps as repeatable checklists that you can write once and reuse.

For example, you might have specific steps you walk through for each active project. Or in sales you might follow a specific sales process for potential customers.

Set these up as Next Steps and you'll always know what steps are done, and you'll be reminded to follow-up on the next thing you have to get done — automatically.


Add to-dos to contacts, companies, and projects to keep track of all the one-off things you need to get done that don't fit into your Next Steps.

Filter your email and social feeds to show just customers, prospects, or other lists of contacts so you can focus on the people that matter most.
Email Templates
Cloze makes it a single swipe to reconfirm meetings, reach out to contacts or follow-up on a next-step. Customize the templates and create your own.
Scheduled Email

You can draft an email and schedule Cloze to send it at a later date or time.

Mail Merge
With Cloze, you can send a personalized email to multiple contacts at once. Each person will receive their own email delivered through your own email account, just as if you sent each a separate regular email. And, with open tracking, you'll know who read the email you sent or clicked on a link.
Morning Briefing
Before you start your day, Cloze sends you a morning briefing that outlines all the things you've got to get done for the day, emails and posts that you haven't seen and might want to take a look at - as well as a snapshot of what you've accomplished in the last week.
Contact Sync
Sync your Cloze contacts to your phone, tablet or desktop so you can use them from any app. Cloze publishes contacts using CardDav so you never have to worry about conflicts or data getting overwritten by other apps.

Beyond Cloze's native contact support, you can bulk import contacts from other applications in CSV or vCard format, and organize them into lists for follow-up.

Once imported, Cloze will automatically enrich the contacts with information from social media and other sources.

Integrate Cloze with your other applications, such as billing, project management, and help desk — so you can have one place to view every interaction you've had with people that matter to you.
Cloze Business
Includes everything in Cloze Pro and ...
Last Activity

See who on your team last talked with any person or company.

You'll never have multiple people reaching out to the same contact without realizing it, and you'll always know where things last left off and who can give you a warm introduction.

Deal Teams

Assign one or more people to own a deal or project.

See all of their activity - emails, calls, meetings, documents and notes - together for a complete picture of the project or deal.

Contact Sharing

Keep a central database of all company contacts.

Send contact information to coworkers or save it in the team so that everyone has access to it even if employees leave.

Partner Sharing

Bring close partners into projects and deals on a case-by-case basis.

Cloze Business lets you invite them into a project team so you can see all their interactions with the client - without giving them access to anything else.

Assigned Tasks

Assign tasks and to-dos to people on your team for follow-up.

You're always able to see what's outstanding and who's responsible.

Broadcast Delay

Make sure sensitive messages stay private.

Some conversations end up moving from normal to private, personal, or highly sensitive. Conversations and details that the rest of your team shouldn't see can be selectively filtered out.

And, with broadcast delay, you have time to mark the conversation private before the rest of the team sees it.

Personal Privacy

Personal information always stays private.

Cloze lets people on your team connect all their accounts (personal and work) so they can have the complete picture at their fingertips - including past interactions they've had with contacts at previous jobs, and conversations with their personal network.

Cloze gives them a clear separation between what's theirs and what's the property of the company, so they never have to worry about their privacy and never feel that they need to keep a "second set of books".

Central Control

Manage your users from one central console.

Manage the roles and rights of team members as a group, or individually. Manage invitations and self-service onboarding. Cloze automatically updates your billing as team members come and go.

Template Sharing

Share email templates across the team.

Create email templates and share them with everyone on the team so everyone can consistently communicate with your customers, clients, and prospects.

How much does it cost?
You can subscribe month-to-month, or annually. The annual subscription price is $159.99 ($13.33/mo) per user, a 33% savings over the monthly subscription price of $19.99 per user. Prices vary by location.
Can I cancel my account at any time?
Yes. Your subscription will automatically renew, but if you ever decide that Cloze Pro or Cloze Business isn’t for you, simply cancel your account at least 24 hours before the end of the current period and, once your current billing cycle completes, you will be automatically moved to the free plan.

You can manage your subscription in Settings after purchase.
I'm a Cloze Pro subscriber, do I also need to pay for Cloze Business?
No. If you and your coworkers have Cloze Pro subscriptions you can use all of the Cloze Business features.
Do I need to enter my credit card to try it?
No. You can sign up and use Cloze Pro and Cloze Business for 14 days without entering credit card details. We will notify you before your trial expires. At the end of your trial, you have the choice of whether to subscribe and retain the benefits of Cloze Pro, or be automatically downgraded to the free plan.
How do I pay for a subscription?
When subscribing from the Cloze iOS app your subscription will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. When subscribing from the web, you can enter your credit card details to subscribe using any of your credit cards.
Does everyone on my team need a Cloze Business subscription to use Cloze Business?
No. If some of your team members have their own Cloze Pro subscription they can use all of the Cloze Business features as a member of your team.