Social is Human Again

Stand out from the noise. Be human.

As the number of ways we communicate with people has expanded, we're past the point where anyone can keep track of everything from everyone. Listening is now hard. The people that talk louder, faster, or more often aren’t necessarily the ones we want to listen to. And who we care about today will be different next week or next year.

At the same time, talking has become hard too. We are all building our personal “brands” on social media. We Like something here. We make a quick comment there. Perhaps we forward a relevant article. While we may not consciously realize it, everything we do on social media is subtly shaping what others think about us. We need to be able to say things that are insightful, meaningful, and interesting - and that let our personalities shine through.

We need to listen better and talk smarter.

We founded Cloze to move us a step forward. Beyond the tools that make the time something was said more important than the people that said it, and beyond the platforms that focus on creating nameless faceless social media brands or an army of zombie “advocates” all forced to repeat the exact same thing.

We build products to help you stand out from the noise. To focus on the people that matter. To find your own voice on social.

We make social human again.

Dan and Alex

Cloze App


Cloze is a free app that helps you keep track of the people that are important to you. It brings together all of your relationships from social and email into a single view. Cloze learns who is important to you – it organizes your feeds by who matters most, not by who talked last – so you can step away and return to a friendlier place with the important stuff safely tucked away, separate from the noise and clutter of everything else.

Catching up is more enjoyable with Cloze. It keeps track of every contact, email, tweet, post, and life event so you never miss a reason to connect and build stronger relationships. Cloze shows what you want to read, from the people that matter to you right now. You can easily respond directly within Cloze, share with your team or bookmark the message for later. Cloze is private and exclusive to you.

Cloze is a great way to find the conversations you want to be in, and the content you want to reshare.


Circulate.it takes the content that marketing creates, curates, or finds with Cloze and makes it easily shareable by the rest of the organization. Now employees have a steady stream of relevant content that - with a single click - can be customized and redistributed out to their own social networks.

While most “business” tools make this painful, complex, and time consuming, instead, we’ve designed Circulate.it to make it a joy to share. For employees, there’s no sign-up process, no hoops to jump through, and no training required.

For individuals it is free. Paid plans provide analytics, personal and company-wide dashboards, automatic daily digests, groups, moderation, embargo dates, and other features.


Cloze is a familiar word for teachers. A cloze exercise is a fill-in-the-blank test where words have been removed and the student is asked to insert the missing words. With information spread across so many sources it often feels like we are mentally trying to fill in the blanks just to get a complete picture of our contacts in one place. Cloze is also a nod to closing -- the satisfaction we get when we close out a task or when we win the big deal ("always be closing").


Cloze is a venture-backed company based in Cambridge, MA. We are funded by our friends at Greylock Partners, Kepha Partners, and NextView Ventures. We were founded in February 2012.

We're Hiring

We are looking for engineers that can work on anything. We move fast. We do stuff no one else has done. Expertise in node.js, Cassandra, Hadoop, html5, and jquery is required. Interested? Get in touch.

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