Cloze Recruiting CRM

The highest productivity CRM for recruiting

Become a trusted advisor to your clients and turn your existing relationships into a goldmine of opportunities

No More Data Entry

Unlike other CRMs, Cloze works with the apps you use today to automatically track and organize all your client communication, files, and notes.

Cloze is the only CRM that automatically tracks both inbound and outbound calls and texts without needing a new phone number.

Cloze is the only CRM that works with all of your existing email accounts and calendars, so you don’t need to change how you work, or double-enter data.

"Fantastic integration across multiple sources to create a single view of your relationships!"

Cloze's AI Personal Assistant in Action

Cloze detects action items in messages and reminds you

Cloze keeps your contacts up to date without busywork

Cloze finds people you should follow up with but haven’t

"It happens at least once a week where something is suggested in my agenda, and I’m like, YES! I needed that!

THANK YOU, CLOZE! I don’t know what I’d do without you."

Scale-up your business with Cloze

Driven by AI

  • No Data Entry
  • Keeps clients top-of-mind
  • Ensures timely follow-ups
  • Never miss action-items
  • Finds and tracks important milestones
  • Keeps your contacts up-to-date automatically

and Repeatability

  • Process automation
  • Templates for repeatability
  • Mail merge for scalable outreach
  • Automatic lead capture
  • AI-driven follow-up actions
  • Anniversary tracking to focus on repeat business

and Analytics

  • Activity Analytics help you understand where you are spending your time
  • Pipeline Analytics help you quickly spot the Deals and Projects that are making progress and those that have stalled
  • Lead Analytics helps you zero-in on the leads that are moving forward and those where engagement is low

1 Hour

Time Saved
Per Day


Discover New Opportunities


Close Rate

Work Together — Without Changing How You Work

When you work with a team, it's important that everyone is on the same page.

Cloze stitches together a single view of all the activity related to any customer, client, deal, or project, across everyone on your team.

Since Cloze is hooked right to everyone's email, phone, and calendar, you always have an up-to-date view — without any work.

Now everyone on your team can focus on what they need to get done, without missing a task, conversation, or decision.

And, because Cloze is designed from the ground up for privacy, you can control exactly how much or how little information is shared.

Productivity Rockstars

There's a reason people and businesses love using Cloze. It helps them focus on what matters, makes sure they don't miss the important stuff, and gets rid of all the busywork.

It turns them into productivity rockstars.

But, don't take our word for it ...