Cloze AI Insights

Improve profitability from the connections hidden in your data

Uncover opportunities to increase mortgage capture, recruit smarter, and generate leads more efficiently

Your business is talking. Here’s how to listen.

Client conversations are the backbone of your brokerage’s business. Hidden inside those discussions are valuable insights: When to recommend a loan officer, where a sale originated, or who already knows an incoming lead.

Luckily, artificial intelligence sees the connections you can’t — the ones buried deep within your agents’ emails, calls, files, and notes.

Without changing the way your agents work, the tools they use, or sacrificing the privacy of their sphere, Cloze surfaces the connections you need to drive profitability higher.

Dean Rouso
SVP Strategic Innovation & Designated Managing Broker, Baird & Warner

“Cloze enables us to multiply our investments exponentially by leveraging the organization’s collective knowledge to systematically improve capture and win rates.

“With Cloze, we can identify and capitalize on pre-existing relationships for more effective lead routing and agent recruitment, track deals from lead origination to closed transaction, and feed our mortgage arm with timely leads.”

Artificial intelligence sorts through the noise so you can hear opportunity knocking

This buyer is considering mortgage options

This lead has worked with one of your agents before

This sale originated from a brokerage lead


"One of the untapped gold mines within a brokerage is the mountain of unstructured data hidden in the organization — who knows whom and how well, whether a deal originated from a brokerage lead, if a client needs a mortgage quote.

"With its new AI Insights offering, Cloze has found a way to tap into the relationships of all of a brokerage's agents without requiring universal adoption or sacrificing their privacy.

"By taking action on the insights found in unstructured data, brokerages can monetize their existing relationships to increase margin and drive up profitability."

— Travis Saxton, EVP Technology, T3 Sixty

The right intro

Increase mortgage capture

Cloze understands conversations about mortgages, so you can:

  • Identify when residential sales prospects need pre- approval or a 2nd opinion
  • Automatically remind your agent to intro a loan officer
  • Send the prospect directly to a loan officer

The right person

Optimize lead routing

Since Cloze knows who your agents know best, you can:

  • Determine which agents already know incoming leads
  • Route leads to the agents that have the best chance of closing them
  • Make agents feel that they are getting quality leads

The right time

Recruit top agents

Cloze sees every relationship your agents have, so you can:

  • Look for agents that have engaged with your recruit before
  • Get a warm introduction
  • Incentivize agents to make referrals
Steve Keefe
Owner, Sky Ridge Coldwell Banker

“Finding Cloze is like hitting the lotto.

Its advanced AI, simple to use design, and ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools my agents use, make it the perfect fit.

Couple that with very good support and customer care and you have a system that every brokerage should consider implementing.”

Attribute leads to sales automatically

When ad hoc conversations, disjointed data, and multiple touch points are the norm, achieving accurate lead attribution can seem impossible.

Cloze connects into your process without changing it—connecting every interaction into a unified view of a deal. You’ll be able to tell with confidence exactly which brokerage leads resulted in closings, and which deals started with a pre-existing relationship with one of your agents.

Finally, get accurate data to manage everything from marketing spend optimization to fair compensation management.

Michael Dreyfus
Broker, Principal, Golden Gate Sotheby’s

"Cloze's smart AI and contact management features have made it easy to target and focus on the exact people I want to reach."

Capture every connection while still respecting your agents’ privacy

Your success is built on the relationships you and your agents hold. By seamlessly connecting into your team‘s email, phone, and calendar, Cloze flags the right relationship at the perfect time to help you capture more revenue.

Cloze AI Insights has been designed to maintain agent privacy by securely isolating each agent’s data. Agents and brokerages only get access to Cloze’s analysis and its associated next steps, rather than the private details that fuel those insights.

Stephanie Hrutkay
Director | Digital Resources, McEnearney Associates

"Working with Cloze has been incredible. If you are looking for a platform that is easy to use and fully integrated with your entire technology stack, look no further than Cloze. Our agents and management team love Cloze.”

Your tools.
Your processes.
Your data.
Made smarter.

From customer relationship management to lead routing, you may already have tools that your agents and staff use every day. Cloze seamlessly delivers insights right into those tools, making them smarter without affecting how your team operates.

That easy integration means that you can implement Cloze faster and see results on day 1.

Ready to see Cloze in action?

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