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Benefits for Your Team


  • One view of all the communication for every deal and project
  • Always know who last talked to any customer, client, or prospect
  • Track who's responsible for contacts, next steps and to-dos


  • No changes to the way you already work, and no data entry
  • Everything about the people you know in one place, pulled together for you
  • Cloze prompts you to keep in-touch and follow-up, even if you forget to


  • Easy onboarding without the need to change user's day-to-day workflow
  • Rich security and privacy controls at both the team and individual level
  • Manage your users and team settings from one central place

No data entry ... really

We all know how hard it is to get people to change their habits.

With Cloze Business you don't burden your team with data entry or change their work routine just so you can see what's going on.

Your team can keep using the tools they already use - email, mobile phone, calendar, notes - Cloze automatically pulls from these to track everything happening for deals, projects, clients, and prospects.

Yeah, we know everyone says this.
Here's proof

You get automatic out-of-the-box tracking of ...


And hundreds of others.









And More

With point-and-click integration, our customers have integrated over a hundred different apps. Email marketing, customer service, accounting, and more.

Eliminate surprises

Tired of stepping on each other's toes? Calling on the same clients?

Whether your team are in the same room or across the globe, Cloze lets everyone know who last talked with any person or company. And who can give you a warm introduction.

Work Together — Without Changing How You Work

Tools like Slack and Skype are great for your team, but with customers you send emails, make calls, and meet in-person.

So the important stuff, the details of conversations with your customers, rarely makes it back to the rest of the team.

Cloze Business stitches together a single view of all the activity related to any deal or project, across everyone involved. Without the need to log data or force tools on your customers.

Now everyone on your team can focus on what they need to get done, without missing a task, conversation, or decision.

Productivity Rockstars

There's a reason your team will love using Cloze. It helps them focus on what matters, makes sure they don't miss the important stuff, and gets rid of all the busywork.

It turns them into productivity rockstars.

But, don't take our word for it ...

Smart Inbox
and Contact Manager
Email Inbox. Support for Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! and IMAP.
Unified Contacts. One view of your contacts from email, social media, desktop, and phone.
Simple Search. Search for contacts the way you think - “VPs in the Big Apple”, “marketers at IBM”, “customers in Boston”
Social Media Manager. Organizes your social feeds by who matters to you, not by who talked last.
Cloze Pro
Relationship Management
billed annually
or $19.99 month-to-month
All of Cloze Free and ...
One Place for Everything. Adds calendar, Evernote, call history, projects, to-dos, contact enrichment, APIs, importing PLUS unlimited email accounts / contacts.
Proactive Reminders. Automatic reminders to keep in-touch. Email open tracking. Scheduled email send. Follow-up reminders and next steps.
Smart Context. Company profiles, created for you. One place to find where you last left-off with meeting attendees. Smart email templates.
Cloze Business
Your Whole Team
on the Same Page
billed annually
or $19.99 month-to-month
All of Cloze Pro and ...
See the Full Picture. Share a complete view of project and deal activity with the right people automatically - no data entry required.
Eliminate Surprises. Always know who last talked to any customer, client, or prospect.
Coordinate Follow-up. Track who's responsible for contacts, projects, deals, next steps and to-dos.
Concierge Service
Personalized training and support to keep your business growing
$250/mo minimum, add on to any plan