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Less Noise

We learn who is important to you and put them up front, filtering out the rest.

People Centered

Everything about the people you know in one place, pulled together for you.

Team Sharing

Circulate the best of what you discover on social media with your team.

Make the most of your time

Cloze surfaces what you need to know about the key people in your day. Without having to search for it.

Team Up on Social Media

On social media we all find nuggets of content that are unique and relevant.

With Cloze you can pool them together, so everyone on your team can learn, privately discuss, and publicly reshare — all with a single tap.

Our Pledge
We won't spam your contacts or social networks.
We won't share or sell your information. It's for your eyes only.
We will offer you premium products - like Circulate.it
We'll be open and transparent about how we
use your information within Cloze.
Cloze is secure
Cloze provides multiple layers of security around your information, from access protected data centers, through network and application level security. We use oAuth when we can. Sensitive information, such as your email, messages and passwords, is always encrypted.
Cloze is private
You are the only one who can see your information within Cloze. Our employees can't see it - it's encrypted even to us. We will never share your email or social information with anyone. You can cancel Cloze at any time and we’ll permanently delete all of your information.